Hong Kong

Booking Guideline

Driving Range (lobby)

a/ Minimum booking is one hour with 30-minute session extensions thereafter.

b/ The maximum of each booking is 2 hours. It can be two hours on 1 Driving range or 2 Driving Ranges each lasting 1 hour.

c/ Left-handed players are entitled to free upgraded to Private Room. Members must advise our staff when making advance booking.

Private Room service: (9 holes / 18 holes indoor golf course and Driving Range mode)

a/  Minimum booking is 1 hour with 30-minute session extensions thereafter.

b/ Left-handed players must inform our staff when making advance booking in order to arrange the suitable room.

c/ Each member is entitled to book a maximum of 4 hours per room. If the member would like to organize an event or party, please inform us in advance so that we can make the appropriate arrangement.

Priority booking period:

a/  15days (First Class / Royalty Diamond)

b/ 10 days (Business Class).

c/ 3 days (EC Card)

Check in / Check out arrangement of Private Room and Driving Range:

a/ Please allow us 5 minutes to clean and tidy up the room or driving range in the beginning of each reservation. Therefore, the starting time of each session is either at 05 or 35 of each hour, to allow for cleaning of Room and Range. (For example, the booking time of Private room time is at 14:00, the start time will be at 14:05; if the booking time of Private room time is at 14:30, the start time will be at 14:35)

b/ Please be punctual. The start time of the bookings will not be postponed if the member arrives late.

c/     Each booking will only be reserved for 15 minutes. After the 15-minute grace period, the reserved Private Room or Driving Range will be released for other members who are on the waiting list.

d/ Members should check out on time. In case of late check out, an overtime surcharge equivalent to the room charge for half an hour or more will be charged subject to the actual circumstances.

Fair use regulations:

a/ Member can only make 1 reservation a day with maximum 2 hours of the facilities. For example, 2 hours for each Range or Private room, or 1 Driving Range and 1 Private Room.

b/  Each booking should be done or cancel before proceed next booking.

Amend or cancel appointment:

a/ For any cancellation of appointment, please call us at least 3 hours before that appointment.

b/ Any changes or cancellation of coach classes must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Last minute changes or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will be considered as a forfeit lesson.

No-show charge and related arrangements:

a/ No-show charge will apply if member does not show-up or forfeit his or her booking by arriving after 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment. The No-show charge will be debited from the member’s account as the standard rate of Green Fee (per hour)

b/ Member’s account will be temporarily suspended, until No-show payment is made.

c/ If member accumulated 3 times No-Show; member will be prohibited from making appointments for any of the facilities within 15 days.

Notes for Affiliate cardholders: (If applicable)

a/ The Family member or Affiliate cardholders of the same member account and the holders of Main card are considered as the same member account.

b/ All appointments and membership benefits, promotions and events are given priority to holders of the Main card.

Private/Group Lesson: (Coaching)

a/ Please book at least 5 days in advance for coach lessons.

b/ Please be punctual. The time of the lesson bookings will not be postponed if the member arrives late.

Notes for Diamond Members (DM) and holders of All Access Pass: (if applicable)

a/     Free of charge for the first 2 hours of service (Private Room or Driving Range) per reservation each day. The membership fee will be charged according to the member's own membership afterward; the related free service hours cannot be accumulated.
    (For example, if the holders of Private Room Pass booked 3 hours of Private Room service, the first 2 hours will be free, and the remaining 1 hour of service will be charged)
    (For example, if the holder of GDR Pass booked 2 Driving Range for 2 hours, then only one of the Driving Range will be charged)

b/ All Access Pass cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Management monthly fee (if applicable):

-  Main card: $120 per month

- Supplementary card: $60 per month (each card)

a/ Management monthly fee will be deducted from member’s account on the first working day of each month.

b/ If the balance of GolfZon Dollar in the membership account is insufficient, account will be temporarily suspended.

c/ Member must pay all overdue fees to reactive the account.

Rules and guidelines for Golf bags, golf club equipment storage (if applicable):

a/ Member is responsible for his or her own golf clubs, equipment stored at Golfzon including, counting and verifying all the golf clubs before storage; ensuring that all the golf clubs, equipment and other personal belongings are well protected; ensuring that nothing is sticking out of the golf bag; and member should take care to maintain a clean and tidy golf bag whenever he or she takes it out and return the bag to the club storage.  

b/ Golfzon is not responsible for any loss or damage of golf bags, golf clubs, equipment or personal effects stored at our facilities.

c/ Golfzon reserves the right to search members’ stored golf bags, golf clubs, equipment and personal effects stored at our facilities without prior notice to members. Golfzon will immediately report to the Hong Kong police any property belonging to Golfzon or any illegal substance found in member’s belongings during the search.

d/ Any items that are stored at Golfzon after the expired storage period will be kept at the club for a grace period of maximum 90 days, each item will be charged a storage fee HK$200 per month (Partial month will be charged as one month)

e/ Golfzon reserves the right to dispose of any items kept at our facilities over the agreed storage and grace period. Golfzon will not be held responsible for such to disposing of the items.

f/ Member must pay all overdue fees to retrieve the golf bag


a/ Golfzon’s equipment and assets must not be removed from the club house. Members are responsible for keeping the equipment and assets in good condition and within Golfzon’s premises at all times.

b/ Anyone who removes any of Golfzon’s equipment and assets from clubhouse or damages any of the items is required to bear the cost of replacement and repair of such equipment and assets.

The Cardholder is bound by all the terms and conditions of this guideline. GreenLive Enterprises Ltd. reserves the right to change and amend the terms and conditions at any time without further notice.

In case of any dispute, GreenLive Enterprises Ltd. reserves the right to make the final decision.